I had such a good time shooting these photos in Notting Hill with a wedding and lifestyle photographer Angela.

It was effortless and fun – we shared the same visual style. Meeting people like her is always a good reminder as to why I want to keep up my blogging!




For many of us, blogging is the creative platform that allows you to share your voice, opinions, style and creative work. Anybody who is doing it as a hobby or in a more professional way knows how addicting it can be! Once you’ve started to gain some ground with posts, followers and readers it is easy to get hooked and to want more. In addition to potential perks such as getting sponsors/clothes from companies there are many more reasons to love blogging!

  • I am more excited about life – When I have a day off – I am excited about finding new, beautiful and interesting places to share with my readers. Without my blog I probably wouldn’t want to get myself out of bed so early!
  • It is good way of networking – I have met many photographers and fellow bloggers via blogging. While some of them have now become my good friends, others are people who I do styling projects with. A couple years ago I even landed a fashion internship at ELLE magazine because I met their fashion editor in a press event.
  • Improving skills – Blogging definitely is a good way to push yourself to improve your writing and photography skills in a field that you are passionate about. It also teaches you how to manage your time more efficiently!
  • Helps finding your style – my style has changed dramatically from the tomboy junior high school look, to bohemian, to the look I have today. I am not quite sure how to define this look, but I’m going to call it “a classic with a twist”. Blogging has helped me to really find my own style and surprisingly I buy less clothes nowadays because I know exactly what I am looking for!
  • Keeping up with trends – even if you’ve got a genuine interest in fashion, keeping up with the ever changing seasonal trends can be hard work. Through blogging, you almost seem to stay on  trend effortlessly as you are following what you are passionate about.



Sif Jakobs jewellery* (and here), Uniqlo shorts, Next top, Zara scarf and Vagabond sandals

Photos Angela Puraci



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  1. Riitta
    12th August 2016 / 18:48

    So beautiful pictures of you 🙂

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