My boyfriend once said that he can see a huge change in me since we first met.. And I do agree with him – living in London has changed me in many ways. I’ve listed below some of the most important ones that I think most Londoners can relate to.


  1. I use my time more efficiently – Time is precious! Normal working day in London is 9 hours so you’d be working in from 9 to 6, giving away the best hours of your life in an average office job. On top of that, the average Londoner spends around 45 minutes commuting each way, adding an extra hour and a half to your work day. So pretty much 90% of your day is spent at work. For that reason I’ve really started to appreciate my spare time more than ever before! I try to take use of any extra time on my lunch break or while travelling to work to plan future blog post and making other plans.


  1. I understand the importance of small talk – if you’re from Finland you know what I mean. Small talk isn’t our strength! However, it’s a skill that you can develop and you’ll become better at!


  1. I’m more polite – at first I constantly forgot to use word “please” (we don’t have such a word in Finnish) and my boyfriend initially thought that I was being really rude, but after explaining he came to realise this wasn’t the case. Now I have been told about this, I really understand what he means every time when some non native English speaking friend comes over..


  1. I’m more impatient – This is a bad one but before living in Finland I was ok with waiting for a bus for 15 minutes. Now I’m so used to everything happening quickly that even waiting for a tube for 8 minutes is feels really unacceptable!


  1. I take criticism better – with all the career challenges that you’ll face in London this is something that you just have to get used to. Criticism actually makes you stronger as long as you don’t take it too personally!


  1. Missing things back home that I didn’t really care about so much before – I’m really happy living in London but certain things back in home just seem so much better now that I’m not there. Easiness of everything.. Safety.. summer cottage and sauna just to mention a few.


  1. I’ve learned that I need to save– London is expensive! I’m definitely more conscious on my spending.



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